Community Blogs!

Hi, Flirts and customers of NiteFlirt!

Flirts The blog feature will generate TONS of free traffic which will result in a bigger fan base and more income but also you can finally have a great blog that is 100% NiteFlirt compliant!

Use your NF Hangout blog as your main blog. You have your own blog link to share as well “”

Flirt Tip: Dont forget to comment on customer blog posts as this is a great way to get the attention of your type of customer!

Customers you can have a blog too! Brag and rave and share you amazing experiences with the Flirts you like and even blog about your kinks or anything else you like

Customer Tip: Comment on flirts blog posts if you enjoyed the post and let her know how wonderful you think her posts are! The more Flirts are happy with customers, the more they share!


The Rules

Please read & follow the rules as we will delete your account immediately upon rule violation. Its too much work to try and notify people or fix their violations – its easiest for our MODs to just delete your account so please follow the rules!

1 – No Nudity!

Unless youre prepared to submit your ID for proof of age to us we are unable to allow nudity. (if you want to submit your ID, contact us and we will gladly allow you that ability!)

2 – Customers May NOT slander flirts in any feedback!

Customers treat the Flirts with the utmost respect at all times. If you dont like a flirt, please simply ignore her content. We want to keep this enjoyable for all!

3 – No Spam / NiteFlirt Links ONLY!

Please keep ALL thinks that dont go directly to niteflirt off of this website. To get approval to have Flirts link from their NF profiles to their stores and blogs here we must keep this website 100% NF compliant.

What about your NF compliant website?: If you really want to have a link on a blog post to a NF compliant website, first get approval from NF by requesting so in the “NF Special Approvals group”

/Thats It! 🙂

Not many rules just a few to keep this a NF compliant and happy place to be!


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