New Interview with Stars of Phone

My week was quite busy and started with My interview on Monday for Stars of Phone. If you have not heard it you can listen to it online by clicking here.

Stars of Phone is conducted by Alice Skary who really comes up with some great questions! There are some terrific interviews with a variety of different Women! Be sure to stop by and listen!

Besides new releases two of My recordings appeared on the marque. The first was Cuckold Wedding and the second was My Making you My wife Questionnaire.

This week My most popular video was Collared Marked and Branded. It is one of My favorites because of the implications of permanence. My most popular audio recording was a tie between Breaking of a slave My methods and Shemale Toy for the Night.

Today I will be available for calls, chat and personal interaction from 10 AM into the evening until approximately 9 PM.

Most Popular Video

Collared Marked and Branded

As My slave I have explained many things that your position will entail. Chastity, servitude, complete obedience and of course you know that you will be permanently collared. BUT not only will you be collared but you will also be marked. Marked with My red and black personalized logo. To further reinforce My ownership, you will be branded. Oh, a tattoo might be able to be removed…but a brand? Well, bearing My brand will show the world that you belong to Me….forever.  (WATCH NOW)

Most Popular Audio

Breaking of a slave My Methods

Second part of My Breaking of a slave in which I describe My methods and procedures! Brain washing, isolation and more! You will be trained in Ass worship, oral slavery…all things with the goal of breaking you! When you sign up for the 30 days be very aware of what it will entail! your free will destroyed…broken and then reprogrammed! How long will it take Me to break you?? (LISTEN NOW)

Shemale Toy for the Night

Oh your night is JUST beginning. Surrounded by sexy shemales you are restrained and helpless, They are all rubbing their cocks, rubbing each other as their hands roam over your body! Twisting and playing with your nipples and one of them leans over and gives a quick bite to your nipple. Playing with your balls, feeling the load you have for them. Oh, they have quite a number of loads for you! Bending over, those tight asses are staring right at you, ready for you and your cock. (LISTEN NOW)

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Smoking Fetish Smoking slave 

Dressed in a cleavage enhancing blouse with a pendant nestled between My breasts, watch Me seductively smoke as I describe your duties as My smoke slave. Some of your duties will be simple and easy like carrying My cigarettes and lighter. Of course, lighting My cigarettes for Me. But how far are you willing to go to be My smoke slave? What happens when there is no ashtray to be found? Well, for the privilege of watching Me smoke and being a slave YOU will serve as My ashtray! Hold out your tongue as I flick My ashes onto your waiting tongue! Wait, hold it. Now you may swallow My ashes. Oh but it won’t stop there! After all I have to put My cigarette out and then it needs to be disposed of! (WATCH NOW)

~NEW~ A slave’s Existence 

I know that you have a deep craving to belong. A deep need to be controlled and to be owned. Know that as My slave you will be stripped of your personal power and your free will. There is no compromise and you no longer have choices. There will be a constant fear that you will displease Me and know that I will cultivate that fear. The psychological torment of fearing you will be dismissed will never leave your mind. It is just another aspect of My ownership of you. Creating such a dependence on Me that you cant imagine what your life would be like if you were not at My feet serving. (LISTEN NOW)

~NEW~ Teased and Denied 

Stroke, stroke but will Mistress allow you to cum? This audio recording is detailed masturbation instructions as My seductive voice controls and directs your every move! From kneeling, to stroking and ball squeezing you WILL follow MY directives! Featuring orgasm control, masturbation instructions, stroking instructions, ball squeezing (LISTEN NOW)

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    ur secret lover

    Been away to long…… This site has grown so much since i joined it. I am searching, learning and testing out what i can do and friendship requests. I wasn’t being a snob when i didnt accept friend requests.
    I’m enjoying what i am seeing here.