Race for the White House

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    Cara Cohen Post author

    I suppose I will swallow the vomit in the back of my throat and I may vote Hillary. The Republican platform is anti-porn. With that comes mandatory .xxx sites. If Garry Johnson were to have a chance, I would go with him. Hillary has no interest in adult industry and has a chance. The Donald may ignore the porn thing, but the US SUP CT Justices he picks as they die off may squeeze us.

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    Cara Cohen Post author

    Foreign policy makers in the AE and in Europe are saying that Hillary is the only one running who knows the lay of the land. They may not agree with her decisions, but she can be bought off.

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    My feeling is the two party system needs to end. Even if no 3rd party candidate has a chance in this election, voting that way anyway helps push the notion that voters are willing to vote that way. To me, the only reason 3rd party candidates don’t have a chance is because voters think they don’t have a chance. That mentality needs to end and that’s why I think it’s important to vote for who you actually want not who you think has the best chance of winning.