Four Extreme Humiliation Tasks


Are you a humiliation junkie? Are you addicted to the rush of public humiliation? The more extreme the better? Do extreme tasks excite you as you perform the most humiliating and degrading tasks? Does it excite and thrill you to be used for My amusement? These four EXTREME humiliation tasks will do just that!

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EXTREME HUMILIATION COCK SUCKING TASK: I am warning you. This is an EXTREME humiliation task. Oh, I know that you have gone to glory holes maybe even put up an ad on Craig’s list to suck strange and strangers cock. As a matter of fact, I may have even been listening to you on the phone! But THIS…well this is beyond those experiences! The question is…will you do this to please Me? Will you perform this humiliating task to amuse Me? Trust Me that I will find this amusing! How far are you willing to go to please Me? I can’t wait to hear about it!

EXTREME PUBLIC HUMILIATION TASK: Once again Goddess wants to be amused! This task will do exactly that! This second extreme public humiliation task is perfectly timed as the holiday season is upon us and the department stores will have lots of Women shopping! Again be warned! This task is embarrassing and extremely humiliating! This task is going to indulge both of us…My amusement and pleasure and your craving for humiliation! Of course, I want to hear ALL the details!

Extreme HUMILIATION CUMSLUT TASK: Cum slut. Do you find that name as erotic as I do? Maybe we have even talked about it on the phone! I I have shared with you exactly what I have in mind to make you My cum slut! I find this idea of turning you into a REAL cum slut so humiliating and so exciting! I so want you craving the taste of cum. Ready to slurp and swallow! More and more and still…you want more. That is what a cum slut does! This is what a cum slut is! This task will show Me just what a cumslut you are! WARNING: EXTREME public humiliation task!

EXTREME HUMILIATION TASK: Time for another extreme public humiliation task! I am so enjoying these tasks that humiliate and degrade you. The public tasks are especially thrilling for Me! One of the most exciting parts is imagining you listening to the task! Now the dilemma…are you going to do it? Will you humiliate yourself in public just to amuse and please Me?


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