Instant Bimbo


Transformations are especially erotic to Me! One of My favorites is bimbo transformations. There is just something about taking a male and turning him into an empty headed, giggling bimbo! I am sure one of the reasons I enjoy it as it is so emasculating! When combined with a trance so that I can take you further it is even more satisfying!

Product Description

I know how badly you want to be a bimbo! I certainly enjoy brainwashing you into all those different feelings and making you crave it even more! The transformation is so erotic, powerful and emasculating! Teetering on your high heels, large breasts that are the focus where ever you go and those exaggerated plump lips! It doesn’t stop there! I want to take you even further and implant a visual trigger for you to become an instant bimbo! With a snap of My fingers Instant Bimbo! No Just close your eyes and begin to imagine yourself as a hot busty blonde bimbo!

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