Mind Fuck Stuttering Idiot


It is always so enjoyable to mess with your mind! This recording does just that! If you thought you had issues before with Women this will only reinforce them!

Product Description

You have always been a bit shy around Women. Especially beautiful Women that you find attractive. They have always made you nervous. Now I am really going to fuck with your head! In this Mind Control recording, I use a light, short relaxing induction, bringing you into a trance and then down deeper into dream state. As you slip down I put the trigger of beautiful Women that you find attractive will cause you to stutter! The more attracted you are to the Woman, the worse your stuttering will be! You will have no control over your stuttering and the harder you try, the more pronounced the stuttering will be! Your heart will race, your palms will sweat and you will be totally humiliated and embarrassed! I have turned you into a stuttering idiot!
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