Cock Comparison


There are many ways to emasculate you that I find erotic. Whether it is mentally, emotionally or psychologically I enjoy them all! Everything from ego destruction verbally, cuckolding and reinforcing feelings of penis inferiority are all exciting to Me!

Product Description

One of the many humiliating and emasculating things I will subject you to is cock comparison. After all, actions speak louder than words! Oh I can tell you how unsatisfactory your size is but having you strip naked in front of a well-endowed male and standing next to him, well that is much more effective. I know that males begin cock comparison from the time they are young. However My cock comparison will be humiliating, embarrassing and emasculating! This won’t happen once but MANY times. In fact, any time you are fortunate to be serving as a cuck there will be a cock comparison so you know exactly why I have chosen him!Buy from GoddessNatasha through


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