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Hi and welcome to NFHangout.

*No Gmail email addresses, please! Gmail does not work when joining as Gmail users never receive their verification or forgot password emails... *

(you cannot sign into NFH with your NF credentials. you need to create an account on this site to use it. All your NF info is private and we do not have any of it)

NFH is a 100% NiteFlirt compliant website with written approval and support from NiteFlirt admins which means this site must stay 100% NF compliant so that us Flirts can enjoy this site, use it on our listings, share our profiles with NF customers, etc... The rules are easy and simple:
  1. - Links from your feed and NFH profile may ONLY point to your NF listings, goodies, ptvs, etc.
  2. - No illegal content should be posted on NFH.
  3. - Never try and move customers or Flirts to another platform using NFH.
  4. - Flirts: You may share your profile feeds with your customers.
  5. - Customers: share your profile/feed with Flirts!
thats it! have fun!

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What is Niteflirt?: NF is an adult platform which you can speak to women discreetly on the phone, view on webcam and purchase fun and sexy content. Click here to join NiteFlirt

About This site is ran by a NF Flirt who has been in the business a very long time and knows exactly what Flirts and customers want and need to have fun in the business but, also to enhance the business exchange. (you cannot sign into NFH with your NF credentials. you need to create an account on this site to use it. All your NF info is private and we do not have any of it) 

Many popular social media sites are used by adult/sex workers and eventually said site gets sold and disallows adult accounts on it and BOOM overnight you've lost all contact with your customers and the customers loses contact with their favourite Ladies.
So even though Twitter ATM is allowing adult sites, there is a probability the day will come when adult accounts start getting deleted *hopefully not but we've seen it happen before*... besides we cannot share our twitter accounts with NF customers and this really limits us in many ways. *of course this is understandable as twitter is filled with traffic leaks and this would not be a good business move for NF*
There is NO DOUBT of the power of twitter and its ability to increase your income and grow your social media presence but, NF users are limited to really harvesting this power for mentioned reasons.
But Now we can have our OWN powerhouse and keep everything IN HOUSE which has all kinds of potential for both Flirts and customers and we never have to fear that our thousands of future followers will one day be gone should Twitter/some outside adult platform be sold. *and we have seen this happen so many times* Flirts can earn more and keep their customers reeled in by using NFH.

niteflirt phone sex adult webcam chat twitter

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