Chimpanzee oral sextures

The formation of dental caries is mainly caused by dietary habits and therefore, may contain information for dietary reconstructions of fossil hominids. This study investigates the caries lesion in the Stefan Austria. Potential food sources are identified on associated palynological data, which allow conclusions about food quality, sugar availability and the hominid metabolism during the Middle Miocene. Its lesion is compared with a dataset of wild chimpanzees, indicating morphological and etiological differences in caries formation between both species.

Dental Adaptations of African Apes

Dental Adaptations of African Apes | SpringerLink

Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Learn more. Recent investigations of dental microwear have shown that such analyses may ultimately provide valuable information about the diets of fossil species. However, no background information about intraspecific variability of microwear patterns has been available until now.

A study of microwear on chimpanzee molars: Implications for dental microwear analysis

Handbook of Paleoanthropology pp Cite as. Improvements in the primate fossil record, and in methods of data acquisition and analysis, have set the stage for new insights into the development, function, and evolution of hominoid teeth. This chapter is a brief review of recent advances. In essence, genetic analyses are changing our perspectives on the evolution of morphology, while improved studies of dental development and microstructure have yielded permanent markers of developmental history and microstructural differences of functional significance.


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